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History of Houston County
Historic Points of Interest
Houston County Place Names
Research Helps
Houston County Surname Registry
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Houston County Queries
U. S. and Tennessee State Governments
Randy Reynolds' Home Page
Randy Reynolds' family history has roots in Houston County.   Reynolds, Petty, Damesworth, etc. are to be found here.   Check it out!
Environmental Issues

updated new UPDATE! -- Sen. Rosalind Kurita on Gambling! new

Senator Rosalind Kurita, democratic state senator in the 22nd senatorial district, which covers Stewart, Houston and Montgomery Counties, voted Wednesday, March 15, for senate bill SJR0346 This was the first of three votes on the bill. The second reading was today (16th), but I don't have the voting record on this vote yet. Only the third vote counts. Please contact Sen. Kurita immediately and ask her to reverse her vote and vote AGAINST SRJ0346!

Note: Search under Legislative Information, then Bills, then Filed Bills Index. Then scroll down and select bill number - SJR0346

SJR0346 calls for a Constitutional Amendment - It would Remove constitutional prohibition on lotteries; permit legislatively approved lottery, if net proceeds therefrom are allocated for tuition grants, scholarships or loans to pay tuition costs for post-secondary education of Tennessee residents.

Mrs. Kurita serves on the Environment, Conservation and Tourism Committee, General Welfare, Health and Human Resources Committee, and the Judiciary Committee, giving her an important platform to support or oppose legislation that upholds the strong Christian and Family values that her district's families hold dear.   Please continue to let Sen. Kurita know that you want her to oppose ALL forms of gambling in Tennessee.   You will find her phone number, fax number, and email address on her senate information web page.

Putting 20,000 of our adolescents at direct risk for addictive behavior

"SEE WHAT GAMBLING HAS DONE TO THE TEENAGERS IN GEORGIA" Is this really what we want to do to our Tennessee youth, regardless of what the money is used for? Using the numbers from others states, introducing gambling into Tennessee would mean putting 20,000 of our adolescents at direct risk for addictive behavior. Our adolescents already have enough problems with alcohol, drugs and tobacco. Do we really want to provide yet another addiction for them to have access to?

Please visit the National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling (NCALG) web site for information about the destructive effects of this social evil sweeping our nation.  Tennessee is one of only two state that does not have some form of legalized gambling.  Let's keep Tennessee Gambling Free!

Early History

The county of Houston was established by an act of the Legislature of Tennessee passed January 21, 1871.   Sextion 3 of the act provided that John Brown, W. M. Blake and J. W. Lewis, of Humphreys County Fraction; Abner Skelton, A. J. Parrish and Dudley Clymer, of the Dickson County Fraction; Ransom Dudley, John L. McMillan and J. J. Pollard of the Stewart County fraction; should be a commission to organize the new county of Houston and set in motion the wheels of government.   Union Church in Old Town Erin served as the center of operations for setting the government of the new county in motion.   The commission met January 31, 1871, and was sworn in by Thomas McIntosh, acting justice of the peace of Stewart County.   They at once organized by selecting John L. McMillan, chairman, and James J. Pollard, secretary.   An election was February 22, 1871, to submit the act to the voters.   The total vote was 542 for and 202 against forming the new county.   On February 23, 1871, the commission again met at Union Church and declared Houston County established by a majority vote from fractions of Stewart, Dickson and Humphreys Counties.

See Houston County, by Charles Lovelady

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Historic Points of Interest

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Houston County Place Names

Internet Link to Houston Co., TN Place Names
Map of Houston Co., TN
My Town - Stewart, Tennessee
Yahoo - Erin, Tennessee
Yahoo - Stewart, Tennnessee
Yahoo - Tennessee Ridge, Tennnessee
Use My Town and Yahoo to find information about local community services. These are search engines that can provide you with almost all the businesses and services in the Houston County area as well as city, county and federal offices.
Census Look-up Search Link

AnyWho - An excellent search engine for looking up phone numbers and addresses.

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Research Helps

                               Volume Name 

        No.  1   Newspapers of Houston Co. (1878-1882) (sold out)
        No.  2   Newspapers of Houston Co. (1882-1887) (call for availability)
        No.  3   Newspapers of Houston Co. (1888-1923) (call for availability)
        No.  4   Road orders of Houston Co. plus 12 old maps (call for availability)
        No.  5   Newspaper clippings - early 1900's (call for availability)
        No.  6   1850 Census of Houston County Area
        No.  7   1860 Census of Houston County Area 
        No.  8   1870 Census of Houston County Area 
        No.  9   1880 Census of Houston County 
        No. 10   1900 Census of Houston County 
        No. 11   1880 Agricultural Census of Houston County 
        No. 12   Houston County Marriages (1870-1896) 
        No. 13   Houston County Marriages (1897-1910)and early pictures 
        No. 14   Houston County tax rolls (1873-1881) 
        No. 15   Houston County tax rolls (1882-1888) 
        No. 16   Houston County tax rolls (1889-1895) 
        No. 17   Houston County tax rolls (1896-1900)

To order, list the volume numbers and titles, and send $6.00 for each ($5.00 plus $1.00 for s/h) to: Houston County Friends of the Library Houston County Public Library P. O. Box 183 Erin, TN 37061 Make checks payable to: Friends of Houston Co. Library.   If you have questions call:   (931) 289-3858

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