Lowry Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee
Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983, page 212.
Used by Permission

Known as Old Smith Cemetery until 1922, now known as Lowry.   Located in District 6 in Scott's Chapel Community on land bought by Francis F. Smith.   The cemetery was excluded on Deed Book 18 page 174 when sold by R. M. Smith and others for division to J. L. Smith on September 24, 1851.

Note: The following surnames are in alphabetical order.   However, we have chosen to not alphabetize the given names in order to group the spouses and children.   Basically, I have put the names in the same order as in the Cemetery Book.   The Cemetery Book had numerous "typos" and other errors.   I have tried to correct errors as I find them, but I'm sure that I have missed others.   And, of course, I may have introduced other errors as I re-enter the data from the Cemetery Book to the Web Page.   If you find an error, and you can document your correction, please email me, and I will make the necessary change.   The locations are those given in the Cemetery Book, and are not always clear to those not familiar with the county.   We will try to improve directions as time permits.   If you can give me clear directions to a cemetery that can be followed by someone who is not familiar with Stewart County, please forward those directions to me to be included on our Cemetery Page.   Thank you for your patients.
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