Stewart County, Tennessee Cemeteries

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Location of Stewart County Cemeteries (with map)
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Abney Cemetery
Located in District 2 on Hwy. 79 less than 0.5 miles from Stewart-Montgomery County line at right side of Carlos Lewis house in the field near barn.

Acree Cemetery
Located in the Land Between the Lakes area on old #8, 5 miles east of old Model on or near banks of Cumberland River (now Lake Barkley) opposite of, and a little south of Tobaccoport.

Allen Cemetery
Located in district 1 approximately 1/4 mile west of John Summer's on right of Cumberland City Road and approximately 500 yds. Up dirt road.  Old Belle Wright Place now owned by Betty Bellamy or John Summer.

Armstiad Cemetery
Located in Indian Mound District 1 in Webb Hollow south of old Ernest Webb Place now Hatmakers. Follow creek that crosses road 700 yds. SW then W from creek 500 yds. on ridge. On property owned by Roy Ford or Koppers Tie Company or U.S. Wildlife refuge.

Austin Cemeteries - #1, #2, #3
#1 - Located in District 2 at Red Top in field across from Garner Ball's in clump of trees.  Cemetery was known as Tippitt Graveyard.  Land owner is Gilbert Vaughn.
#2 - Located on old hwy. 79 in District 13 0.5 miles east of Big A on left of road and within sight of highway.  Fenced.  Land owner, Berlin Peacher.
#3 - Located in District 2 1/4 miles from Cub Creek Road and on Commissary Road (can't find road)to right and insight of road.  Also known as Howard Hill.

Austin and Smith Cemetery
Located in District #2 on the road behind Wallace General Supplies on highway 79 towards Clarksville, gravel access.

Bachelor Cemetery
Located behind J. W. Royal's house on old Hwy. 79 three miles north west of Dover.  Land owner is J. W. Royals.

Bagsby Cemetery
Located approximately two miles north of Dover on Bagsby Hill.  Land Owner is Brad Wallace.

Bagwell Cemeteries #1, #2
Bagwell #1 Cemetery. Located in District #2, 9 miles northeast of Dover approximately 500 yards of intersection of Highway 79, old Highway 79, old Highway 79 and Highway 120.  Access is gravel road. Landowner is Ross Bagwell.  Community Cemetery.
Bagwell # 2 Cemetery. Located in District # 2 where the old Church was between Indian Mound & Legate, at Teddy Smith's house or the Johnson Place. West of Rorie Hollow Road and approximately 2 miles north of Indian Mound.  Landowner is Teddy Smith.

Baird Cemetery#1
Located in Tobaccoport Area; near Old Roberts place on the lake.

Barbee Cemetery

Barnes Cemetery
Located in Hurricane Creek

Barnes Cemetery#1
Located in Upper Hurricane Creek

Bass Cemetery
Located in LBL by Ginger Creek approximately 350 feet southwest of Model, Tennessee Post Office and 400 feet west of the old iron furnace.

Bayer Cemetery
BAYER CEMETERY # 1. Located in Cumberland City upon a hill behind Margaret Vaughn's house on highway 79.  Turn on Gunson Ridge Road approximately one mile on gravel road. Land owner is Jake Bayer.  Community cemetery.

BAYER CEMETERY # 2. Located in Cumberland City 1 1/4 miles east of Highway 149 turn on Gunson Ridge Road. Go approximately one mile on gravel road. Cemetery located in front of Margaret Vaughn's house and west of Gunson Road approximately 100 yards in middle of pasture. Landowner is Jack Bayer.

Bellwood Cemetery
Located in the Dover Cliffs. Land Owner is Annie Ray Keatts.

Bilbrey Cemetery
Located behind the old abandoned Ruby Gordon House in Tobacco Port.  Family cemetery.

Blane and Shemwell Cemetery
Located in District #4 at the Bumpus Mills Marina.

Bogard Cemetery
Located in Elbert Page's back yard.  Family cemetery.

Bomar Hill Cemetery
Located right across the lake from the Leatherwood resort on the south side of Leatherwood Creek.  Latest burial is December 25, 1939.

Boswell Cemetery
Located in LBL on the Fort Henry-Dover Road.

Boyd Cemetery
Located in LBL. Take first right after Spring Grill Motel. After Trinity Methodist Church, watch for road to left having a Civil War marker at the entrance. Travel this road to the foot of the hill.

Boyd Cemetery
Located in LBL in the Piney Creek area.

Brake View Cemetery
Located right at the county line in Erin.

Christopher Brandon Cemetery
Located in Tobaccoport, Tennessee on Ryman Sholar Place.

Brandon Cemeteries
#1 - Located approximately 5 miles northeast of Dover on New highway 79, behind Clariday's house on a hill, in District #5 approximately 200 yards west of 79 and Joiner Hollow Road intersection. Landowner is Clariday.
#2 - Located in Luton Hollow, Bumpus Mills.
#3 - Located on top of bluff near Brandon's Landing - district #4 - Landowner is Hillon Mathis.  Family cemetery.

Brewer Cemetery
Located in front of Lloyd Miles' house at Red Top. Black.  Landowner is Lloyd Miles.

Brigham Cemetery
Located 140 road turn at white house on curve like going to Erin, Tn. from Cumberland City.

Brigham or Long Creek Cemetery
Located in Long Creek area on the Walter Brigham farm. Land owner is Walter Brigham.  Community is Long Creek.

Brinton Cemetery
Located in District 1 near Patrick Place on the wild life refuge at the old Bill Owens Place.

Britton Cemetery - LBL

Brokaw Cemetery - LBL
Located 1.2 miles North on Highway 79 on left bank of Bear Creek.

Brosheer Cemetery
Located in Cumberland City on the left side on a hill.

Brown Cemetery
Turn right off Hwy. 120 near C.T. Maddox, about 2 miles down the road on top of hill. Turn left approximately .1 of mile on Wall Hollow Rd from Wyatt Hollow Rd. Cemetery is approximately 100 yards on hill, south of Wall Hollow Road, District 4.

Bryant Cemetery
Located next to Lewis Dennis house, Lick Creek Subdivision.

Bumpus Mills Cemetery
Located on Bumpus Mills Campground.

Burcham Cemetery
Located at point between Commissary Hollow and Can't Find It Ridge.  Family Cemetery - many unmarked rocks.

Burcham2 Cemetery
Located in Tennessee Ridge, between hogpen and Burcham Hollow.  Turn right about 3 miles from Stewart-Houston County line on Hwy. 49 at Mitchell Grays body shop and go about 2 miles down the upper Hurricane Creek Rd.  It will be on the right after the first bridge you cross.  It is in District 12 on Henry Elwicks land.

Burns Cemetery
Located on left turn on last dirt road before reaching Tobacco Port boat ramp. Go approximately 1/2 mile and 200 feet east of road. Land owner is Ed Pugh.

Bush Cemetery
Located on top of hill near McKinnon, Old Hurricane Creek Road.

Bussell Cemetery

Byrd Cemetery
Located in Upper Long Creek area off Long Creek Road on Daniel Road on hill at the edge of the woods.

Carlisle Cemetery
Located 10 miles southeast of Dover on highway 49.  Turn right in Carlisle where Armstrongs Grocery used to be and go about 500 yards up the gravel road.  It's on the right.  Land owner is Glenn Hargrove.

Cherry Cemeteries #1, #2, #3
#1 - Located in Big Rock down the creek 1 1/2 miles from 2nd bridge. In cow pasture on grassy hill that has car tire tracks, on right at head of woods on top of hill. Landowner is Jimmy George
#2 - Location: Henry Morgan's farm.  Land Owner:  Henry Morgan
#3 - No location given.

Cherry or Crocketts Creek Church Cemetery (LBL)
Take #204 to #371. Take a right. One tenth of a mile west of Crockett Creek in the hollow back of where old Crocketts Creek Baptist Church stood. The land was deeded to church by Isom Sills. the church was organized in 1804. Several charter members were Cherokee Indians. Legend says the church was never burned because of its Cherokee members.

Chestnut Grove Cemetery
Location: Link Hwy., District 4.  Land Owner:  On church property.

Church Woods Chapel Cemetery
Location:  Cumberland City.

Clark Cemetery
Location:  Approximately 15 yards north of Shelby Creek road across from Buster Kingins' house.  District 4.  The land owner is Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Kingins

Cooley Cemetery
Located on right side of highway 79, 2 miles north of Dover on hill in front of Swift's Meat Market, District #5.

Corinth Cemetery
Located in Upper Long Creek at Corinth Baptist Church.

Crockarell Family Cemetery
Located on a hill in back of the old Crockarell home place, which is just across the Cub Creek bridge in the old Indian Mound-Dover Road or the Bellwood Road.  district #13.

Crockett Cemetery
Located near T. J. Martin's grave

Cross Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
This is Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea's Page.  Directions:   From Clarksville, go west on U.S. Hwy. 79.  Cross into Stewart County. Go 2.2 miles and turn left (south) on TN Hwy. 46.  (Pass Fairview Cemetery on the left.)  Go a total of 3.3 miles on this road, and the church is on the right.  The cemetery is to the right of the church on top of the hill.

Crow Cemetery
Located in Bumpus Mills. Land owner is Dr. I. F. Crow. Family Cemetery.

Cunningham Cemetery
Located in Bumpus Mills.

Daniel Cemetery #1
Located in the Upper Long Creek area on D. Marshall's farm. In woods on hillside. Land Owner, David Marshall.

Daniel Cemetery #2
Located on the Charley Stavely Property in Leatherwood.

Daniel-Cole Cemetery

Dilday Cemetery - LBL
Located on 3 207 [?] near a house looking over a lake on the south side of rushing Creek.

Dill Cemetery - LBL
Located at the end of Tharp Road before the fork on top of a hill right off the road. A. J. Dill gave the land for Azotas Church and cemetery.   Don and his mother, Leah, dug pine trees at Pine bluff on the Tennessee River and set them around the Dill Cemetery.   Leah and Don Decorated the graves with mussel shells from the banks of the Tennessee River.

Dinkins Cemetery
This is Stan Magnesen and Vanessa Slea's Page.  The cemetery is at the community of Legate, TN, at the south boundary of Fort Campbell.  From Clarksville, take Hwy. 79 south toward Dover.  Pass the county line into Stewart County.  From the county line, go 4.2 miles and turn right onto a gravel road (no sign--this is next to Lakeland Tackle and Bait).  Go .2 miles and the cemetery is on the left.

Dover Cemetery
Located in Dover next to the Dover Christian Church. Community Cemetery.

Dunbar's Chapel Cemetery
Located five miles east of Indian Mound on the Cumberland City Road to ferry. Landowner: Land for this cemetery was given by the Dunbar family whose property is now owned by John Summers, Jr.

Folks Cemetery - LBL
Located 0.5 miles west of Hwy. 49 where Hwy. 49 crosses Brandon Springs Branch.

Fuqua Cemetery - LBL
Located approximately 2 miles south of TVA microwave tower on Ginger Creek Road.

Glasgow Cemetery
Located at Timbertops Subdivision. The landowners were formerly Glasgow & A. R. Smith.

Ham Cemetery
Located in Carlisle.

Harris Cemetery
Located at East Fork Leatherwood.

Hart Cemetery
Located behind Long Creek Methodist Church. Landowner is Walter Brigham.

Hicks Cemeteries, #1, #2 - LBL
#1 - Located on #201.  Turn on #364 one mile west of Pryors Creek and 2 miles NE of Model.
#2 - Located 1.5 miles NW of Tharpe on a hill N. of Jackson Hollow.

Hildreth Cemetery
Located 1.5 miles from Carlisle on south side of the Cumberland City Road. Community Cemetery.

Hillcrest Cemetery
Located beside Fort Donelson National Cemetery in Dover. Sometimes referred to as the New Dover City Cemetery.

Hilltop or Robertson Cemetery - LBL
Located off Tharpe Road approximately 1.5 miles west of Tharpe, and 300 feet north of Tharpe Road.

Hopewell Cemetery - LBL
Located approximately 1 mile W. of Hwy. 49, 650' s of blue Springs Road E. of Hopewell.

Houston Cemetery - LBL
Located 1/2 mile up #214 9M4.

Jackson Cemetery (Negro) - LBL
Located 0.3 miles E. on Hwy. 49, 5.1 miles NW hwy. 79.

Jones-Martin Cemetery
Located at Standing Rock on the property of Walter Settle.

Lane Cemetery
Located in Leatherwood Boat Dock, east of boat dock. Community Cemetery.

Largent Cemetery
This cemetery is located on Road #226 past ponds on the side of a hollow on left bank of Lost Creek, 0.8 miles N. W. of Walnut Grove Church.

Leatherwood Church Cemetery
Located in Leatherwood behind Leatherwood-Asbury Church.

Lone Pine Cemetery - LBL
Located on Road #219 approximately 7 miles N. E. of Tharpe.

Lowry Cemetery
Known as Old Smith Cemetery until 1922. Now known as Lowry Cemetery. Located in District 6 in Scott's Chapel Community on land bought by Francis F. Smith.

McGee Cemetery
Also known as the Standing Rock Cemetery. Located behind the Standing Rock United Methodist Church. Community Cemetery.

Mobley Cemetery
Located in the Brownsfield Resort area.

Moore Cemetery
Located in District #6 in the Bear Spring area.

Parker Cemetery
Located in District 7 in the Upper Long Creek area about 50 yards left of the fire tower. The landowner is Linda Bryant.

Settle Cemetery
Located in District 11 in Leatherwood on the left hand side on a hill.   Community cemetery.

Sexton Cemetery
Located in District 10 in Standing Rock. Family Cemetery. Landowner is Howard B. Jobe.

Weaks Cemetery
Located in District 12 in Hurricane Creek.

Wofford Cemetery
Located in district 10 on Old Paris Highway beside Walnut Grove Baptist Church. A community owned cemetery.

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