Carlisle Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Carlisle Cemetery. Located ten miles southeast of Dover on Highway 49. Turn right in Carlisle where Armstrong's Grocery used to be and go about 500 yards up the gravel road. It is on the right. Land owner is Glen Hargrove (*Note: Information dates from 1983).

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Adams, Jim*    
Anderson, William*    
Bratton, Jessie; cause of death Bright's Disease   1926
Browning, William Rudolph (Husband of Gertrude Warfield-information from Jan Philpot) Aug. 19, 1897 Sept. 25, 1939
Cato, Tinte L. June 30, 1864 May 15, 1949
Cato, Terrence*    
Meredith, Harry Lee; son of A. D. & Isabella Feb. 10, 1889 Feb. 18, 1903
Milam, Adam*    
Phillips, J.D. Oct. 7, 1883 Sept. 30, 1923
Rossetter, John Aug. 12, 1812 Apr. 9, 1873
Rossetter, Thomas, son of J. & N. Feb. 20, 1848 Apr. 2, 1873
Rossetter, Nancy; wife of John Oct. 16, 1819 June 5, 1894
Warfield, Smith* (Infant son of William Cale Warfield and Mattie Belle Brake Warfield-information from Jan Philpot)    
Warfield, Uncle Jake*(Son of Smith Alexander Warfield and Alda Warren Warfield-information from Jan Philpot)    
Winters, Lillie May; daughter of W.T. & Georgiana Jan. 16, 1898 July 15, 1902
Winters, Tom* (Also known as W. T. -W. Thomas, husband of Georgiana and son of Rev. George William Winters and Nancy Anna Powers. Information regarding dates from Jan Philpot) 1876 1892/93
100-150 Unknowns    

*Information on Unknowns supplied by Burt Warfield.

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