Burcham (2) Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Burcham (2) Cemetery. Located in Tennessee Ridge, between hogpen and Burcham Hollow. Turn right about 3 miles from Stewart-Houston County line on Hwy. 49 at Mitchell Gray's body shop and go about 2 miles down the upper Hurricane Creek Road. It will be on the right after the first bridge you cross. It is in District 12 on Henry Elwick's land (*Note: Information dates from 1983).

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Anderson, Loretta April 18, 1928 April 18, 1928
Anderson, Effie May Dec. 18, 1918 Apr. 10, 1919
Barnes, William Jan. 28, 1885 Mar. 8, 1969
Barnes, Rebecca Daniel    
Burcham, James D. 1843 Nov. 19, 1923
Burcham, Almedia Ann Dec. 23, 1843 Jan. 19, 1912
Burcham, Ira P. Nov. 19, 1904 May 12, 1948
Milam, Robert Lee 1874 1954
Milam, Anner G. Mar. 26, 1879 Apr. 4, 1921
Milam, Lucton Earl, son of R. L. and A. G. Nov. 25, 1899 Apr. 4, 1921
Milam, Stella Othella, daughter of R. L. and A. G. Aug. 1917 Oct. 20, 1918
7 Unknowns    


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