Burcham Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Burcham Cemetery. Located at point between Commissary Hollow and Can't Find It Ridge. Family Cemetery-many unmarked rocks.

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Burcham, E. W. (could be W. R.) August 15, 1875 April 20, 1927
Burcham, Henrietta Ford August 15, 1878 November 22, 1936
Burcham, Anna Mae; daughter of B. W. & H. S. Burcham January 30, 1910 November 26, 1912
Downs, Billy (home made tombstone)    
Downs, Lilly; wife of J. W. Downs-31 years, 7 mos., 8 days July 24, 1881 May 2, 1913
Downs, Ola Mae; daughter of Lilly & J. W. Downs-2 mos. 3 days March 26, 1913 May 29, 1913
Downs, Patsy Ann June 10, 1931 May 1, 1935
Downs, John W. 1880 1961
Downs, Nettie H. 1894 1970
Mullins, Delmar A.; son of J. M. & A. M. Mullins May 1, 1912 September 5, 1915
Mullins, John Marian February 1, 1860 February 6, 1928
Mullins, Alice Hall   1914

Many rocks, could not make out. Information furnished by Nell and James Grasty, and also Willbey Mullins Williams; Route 1; Dover, Tn.


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