Brinton Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Brinton Cemetery. Located in District 1 near Patrick Place on the wild life refuge at the old Bill Owens Place (*Note: Information dates from 1983).

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Brinton, West May 18, 1887 December 30, 1906
Brinton, Lula   August 22, 1882
Brinton, Lena October 4, 1904 March 12, 1905
Brinton, Ethel January 14, 1906 February 20, 1907
Brinton, Nancy Ann July 18, 1881 March 6, 1925
Brinton, Ed H. January 27, 1863 December 11, 1923
Brinton, Elizy D. February 28, 1840 August 11, 1911
Brinton, Martha C. April 11, 1847 March 17, 1912
Brinton, Samuel   April 18, 1937
Unknown February 17, 1925 December 16, 1927
Unknown (broken)- 76 years old    

Bell Brinton first married Bill Owens's grandfather, then married Boyd Owens's son. Information by L. C. Walker.

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