Blane and Shemwell Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Blane and Shemwell Cemetery. Located in District # 4 at the Bumpus Mills Marina. (*Note: Information dates from 1983).

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Blaine, S.T. July 16, 1861 May 10, 1923
Blane, T.; son of S.J and L. May 5, 1910 May 27, 1913
Blane, Sallie; wife of A. October 10, 1827 March 24, 1905
Blaine, Ivan F. January 18, 1900 August 16, 1933
Dudley, P. Selma 1913 1921
Fuqua, Wilmas; son of M. M. and J. F. March 24, 1891 July 28, 1892
Martin, M. N. October 14, 1882 January 19, 1927
Shemwell, Oscar; Tenn. Pvt. 522 Engrs. August 3, 1890 May 10, 1942
Shemwell, Tom A. November 30, 1881 September 9, 1944
Shemwell, Tom (black)    
Shemwell, Grace Blane (black-wife of Tom)    
Williams, Lourendy 1846 1913
24 Unknowns    

* J. E. Shemwell bought Tom Shemwell for 100 dollars. Tom married Grace Blane.

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