Armstiad Cemetery

Taken from the Cemetery Records of Stewart County, Tennessee

Published by The Stewart County Historical Society, Dover, Tennessee, 1983.

Used by Permission

Located in Indian Mound District 1 in Webb Hollow south of old Ernest Webb Place now Hatmakers. Follow creek that crosses road 700 yds. SW then W from creek 500 yds. on ridge. On property owned by Roy Ford or Koppers Tie Company or U.S. Wildlife refuge. (*note: information dates from 1983)

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Armstiad, Hattie Martin July 3, 1873 March 4, 1911
Cook, Nancy February 6, 1814 November 30, 1887
*Cook, Samuel R. August 27, 1841 November 1865
Douglas, Norman May 11, 1846 August 30, 1878
*Haliday, Rob T. G. February 20, 1824 November 1865

*"Two friends. Folly they fall whilst fighting for our liberty."

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